pharmacy benefits

To use your pharmacy coverage, present your member ID card at a participating pharmacy. Some members have a separate drug card for pharmacy benefits. Your ID card should list your copayments and coinsurance if applicable. survey

personal benefits information

Pharmacy Claim Search — Your prescription claims history, including prescription number, date filled, prescriber, quantity, pharmacy, amount paid by you and amount paid by your pharmacy plan.

Note: To access information about your personal pharmacy claims, you must register to use My Blueprint, our member self-service center.

Network Pharmacy Search — Search for a network pharmacy by name, city, state or zip code. Maps and driving directions are provided.

to serve you better

Mail-Order Drugs — A description of the mail-order option some employers have chosen for their employees and a link to the mail-order form.

Prescription Claim Form (PDF)

Prior Authorization Form for Prescription Drugs (PDF)

Prescription Drug Pricing

Specialty Drugs — A description of the program that covers injectable and select oral medications.

Using Your Pharmacy Benefits — How to use your benefits and the advantages your pharmacy plan offers you.

Arkansas state and school employees use another vendor for their pharmacy benefits administrator. For your benefits information, go to your customized site.

go generic

Go Generic — Information about the cost and quality of generic drugs, including:

Save money with $4 generics

printable drug lists

2014 Formulary Two (formerly called Complete Care) (PDF)

2014 Metallic Drug List (PDF)

2014 Standard Formulary (PDF)

2014 Standard Formulary Preferred Drug List (PDF)

2014 Value Formulary (PDF)

2014 Value Formulary Preferred Drug List (PDF)

Maintenance Drugs (PDF) — Medications considered to be necessary for long periods of time.

Prior Authorization List (PDF) — Medications that require prior approval. For authorization, call 1-877-433-2973.