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tools for medical providers

Advanced Health Information Network (AHIN) — Determine eligibility, check claim status, correct errant claims and submit new claims. View demo and Enrollment Information

BlueCard® Guide

BlueCard News

Coverage Policy

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) — Resource for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and testing.

5010 Resource Center

ICD-10 Resource Center


Forms for Providers

HealthConnect Blue — Health information and interactive health coaching.

Medical benefits covered by your patient's health plan

My BlueLine — Interactive voice response telephone system.

Medical Policy and Pre-certification/Pre-authorization — Policy and pre-certification/pre-authorization information for out-of-area members.

Other Insurance/Coordination of Benefits (COB) (PDF)— We want to pay your eligible claims as fast as possible, so please fill out this form to let us know what other insurance you may have.

Prescription Drug Prior Authorizations (PDF) Medications that require prior approval. For authorization, call 1-877-433-2973.

Prior Authorization Form for Prescription Drugs (PDF)

Prior Authorization Information for Radiological Services

Provider Manual — Policies and procedures to assist providers in filing claims, referral requests and other services.

Providers' News — Quarterly publication.

Referral Reminder — Forms for referral to specialists.

Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative

September 2012 Update (PDF)

tools for dental providers

Authorization Form for Clinic/Group Billing (PDF)— Use for notification that a practitioner is joining a clinic or group.

Provider Change of Data Form (PDF)— Use to report a change of address or other data. Completion of this form DOES NOT create any network participation.

Termination Form for Clinic/Group Billing (PDF)— Use for notification that a practitioner is leaving a clinic.

Accident Form for Dental Injury (PDF)

Claims and Benefits Information

Dental Bulletin


tools for pharmacy providers

Pharmacist Help Desk: 800-364-6331

participation information

Blue Distinction Centers

Medical and Dental Network Development Representatives

Network Participation Guidelines

Find information on how Arkansas payers are working together to improve health care quality and cost efficiency.